About us

At Dailo Impact Ventures, we are a team of startup founders and industry experts who have come together to create a leading investment company in Nepal. Our goal is to empower and support a range of companies, from early-stage start-ups to more established businesses, across various sectors that align with our mission.


We understand the challenges and opportunities that come with starting and growing a business in Nepal, which is why we use a blended finance approach to investing. This approach combines private capital, philanthropic capital, and development aid to drive impact and achieve sustainable development goals. This not only allows private investors to invest in projects and businesses that may not have been traditionally deemed as viable, but also de-risks the investments and ensures alignment with development goals.


Our team includes General Partners and Limited Partners who are seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts, with experience in sectors such as IT services, agritech, tourism, education, and real estate projects (e.g., affordable housing). We also provide mentoring and sector-specific advisory services to our portfolio companies, leveraging our extensive network in the startup ecosystem to drive their growth.


We believe that our blended finance approach, combined with our unique understanding of the startup ecosystem, sets us apart as an investment company in Nepal. Our goal is not only to create returns for our investors, but also drive positive social and environmental impact in the country.


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