Our Strategy​​

At Dailo Impact Ventures, our investment strategy is focused on empowering and supporting a range of companies, from early-stage start-ups to more established businesses, across various sectors that align with our mission.

We achieve this through a three-phase approach:

Phase 1 (0-2 years): Investments in private businesses at pre-seed, seed, and growth stages. We aim to provide these startups with the capital and support they need to grow and succeed.

Phase 2 (1-2 years): Utilization of blended finance mechanisms to leverage development aid and incentivize private investments while hedging risks. By combining private capital with development aid, we are able to de-risk investments and support sustainable development in Nepal.

Phase 3 (5-8 years): Exit through buyouts from other impact funds, going public (IPO), or buyback shares from existing Limited and/or General Partners. Our ultimate goal is to see our portfolio companies succeed and provide returns for our investors.

We stand out from other investment companies in several ways:
Skin in the game: Our three General Partners have invested their own money to start the company, showing our financial and mental commitment to the company’s success.

Unique understanding of the startup ecosystem: Being startup founders ourselves, we have a strategic advantage in recognizing the needs of startups and providing sector-specific advisory services, as well as utilizing our existing network in the startup ecosystem to aid the growth of our portfolio companies.

Investing in niche sectors: We focus on sectors in which our General Partners, Limited Partners, and advisors have expertise, such as IT services, agritech, tourism, education, and real estate projects (e.g., affordable housing).

Use of blended finance approach: We use development aid, grants, and concessional loans to hedge investment risks and leverage private investments in private and public businesses in Nepal.
Impact and gender lens investing: We identify and invest 10% of our portfolio in businesses with high social impact, a climate-centered business model, or those that benefit women.

Trustworthiness and compliance: Our team has over 60 years of combined experience in various sectors and we provide quarterly updates on investments, market trends, and reinvestment possibilities to our investors.

Dailo Impact Ventures’ investment strategy, Game Plan 1.0, involves raising a total of Rs. 10 million by issuing 20 shares of Rs. 0.5 million each. The company will charge a 2% annual management fee, with an additional 20% performance fee if returns are above the benchmark rate of 15% CAGR. The investment period is set at 8 years.

Investors will be required to front load Rs. 0.5 million before the end of Chaitra 2079 B.S. and the remaining Rs. 0.5 million will be invested before the end of Chaitra 2080 B.S. This strategy aims to provide investors with an opportunity to invest in a long-term venture with the potential for strong returns while also being mindful of the risks involved.

This is just an example of a strategy, and it may be subject to change or adjustment depending on the company’s evaluation of the market and investment opportunities.

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