Why Blended Finance?

At Dailo Impact Ventures, we believe that blended finance is a powerful approach to investing that can drive impact and support sustainable development in emerging economies such as Nepal.

Blended finance combines private capital, philanthropic capital, and development aid to drive impact and achieve sustainable development goals. By leveraging the resources and expertise of development organizations, blended finance can de-risk investments, making it possible for private investors to invest in projects and businesses that may not have been traditionally deemed as viable due to perceived high-risk.

In Nepal, traditional investment options may be limited, and there is a significant need for investment in sectors such as infrastructure, healthcare, and education. Blended finance can help bridge this gap, allowing private investors to contribute to the country’s development while also earning returns on their investment.

Examples of successful blended finance projects include:

  • In Africa, a blended finance facility for renewable energy helped attract $1.2 billion in private investments and resulted in the installation of 1.5 GW of new renewable energy capacity.
  • In India, a blended finance program for affordable housing resulted in the construction of over 200,000 homes for low-income families.
  • In Nepal, a blended finance project for rural electrification resulted in the installation of over 50,000 solar home systems, bringing clean energy to over 250,000 people.

At Dailo, we are committed to using blended finance to drive impact and support sustainable development in Nepal. We believe that this approach can help bring about positive change in the country, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this innovative investing strategy. By investing with DIV, not only do you have the opportunity to make returns on your investment but also contribute to the economic and social development of Nepal.

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